we Hornbill Deluxe Hill Resort, at Amba in Chandoli National park near Kolhapur India are blessed with these, one of the largest birds of India.
We are in Sahyadri mountain ranges which, are declared as one of the Heritage Forests of the world. This area consists of one of highest number of floral bio diversities. We have close to 7000 types of plant species.
Great pied Hornbill .when fully grown, is about three feet in height when sitting with wing span of six and half feet. It has got long yellow beak and wings have black and white stripes. In spite of it’s size, this is a very shy bird who is, pure vegetarian. Female lays two eggs normally, only once a year, in a large hollow of a tree. Then, male covers this opening with sticks, leaves and mud leaving, only small opening. Through this opening male feeds her and later on small chicks, at two or three fixed timings every day. One can say, they are family oriented birds because they look after their younger one for long time.
Sightings of these birds are not common but not rare because of their shyness and staying little away from human habitat. Due to shortage or large trees with hollow inside them, I think, their reproduction is slowing down.